This is absolutely my favorite hostel ever!
I first came to stay there back in 2008. We had only planned to stay one night but fell in love with both the hostel and the island immediately. So, when I asked the manager if we could stay two more nights, I was told “No, sorry, we are completely full, except… would you mind sleeping in our trailer in the garden?” This was great fun!
The entire hostel reflects a great sense of humor (as all MacBackpackers hostels do). The staff is very friendly, helpful and uncomplicated. Though some of the rooms and furniture could use some refurbishing, they are all clean and still comfy.
There is a cat called Hemorrhoid, who was already around in 2008 and is very cuddly and curious. He is, of course, supposed to stay outside, especially since some people might be allergic, but the hostel staff has a hard time keeping guests from letting him in over and over again. So maybe, if you are strongly allergic to cats, that might be the only reason not to stay in this hostel.