When I’m travelling and staying in a hostel, I’m usually looking for somewhere safe, comfortable, convenient, and cheap; any creature comforts are nice add-ons. One of the best things hostels can provide, though, is a sense of community, since many of the people travelling there have a lot in common. This hostel, like many, caters to young internationals and adventure-seekers, and it was so cool to get to know them! The downstairs kitchen, which as massive and well equipped as that of any restaurant, and it’s adjoining common area, which had tables large enough to share, really comfy couches, and a pool table, really fostered a feeling of community. I met some awesome people who ended up coming along to some sights with me and my friend, and showing us some awesome ones in return!

The staff are lovely, so helpful, fun to talk to, and they gave great insight into the city (especially Lauren!) Make a point of making small talk with whoever’s at the front desk!

As for the rooms themselves, I didn’t do much there but sleep, but the beds are soft, among the most comfortable I’ve had in a hostel, and they give you a big duvet and two pillows. The bathrooms are a little cramped, and there’s not a ton of mirror space, so get up early if you have a long-ish morning routine, especially one that involved applying makeup.