Can’t say much about the hostel except that it‘s the best one we‘ve ever stayed in. We slept in a 8-bed-room and it was just as comfortable as a double room. Roommates were young an nice, hat good talks several times, in the room there are 2 chairs, a table, a big window with view to the royal mile and every bed has 2 socket plus 2 USB ports for charging your phone directly without a power adapter. Also the beds are not like usually in a hostel that both are shaking and making noises when turning around, the beds in this hostel are REAL beds! Everybody also has their own locker with key, £10 deposit. Showers and toilets were perfectly clean at any time of the day, there’s breakfast for £2 until 10:30, and the receptionists are very friendly, asking you how your day was etc. But the best thing is, every room is named after a movie und every bed is named after a character from that movie!
I would say there is no better place to stay for that money in Edinburgh, so even tough Edinburgh is not the most exciting city I consider coming back here one time just to meet new people