First off, great location. The Hostel is right next to the castle and the Royal Mile. It’s also next to some really good sit down places with great food. The hostel had great customer service and the workers very helpful and efficient. They had a lot of supplies on hand like shampoo or conditioner, converters, etc. I felt safe the whole time and the rooms/bathrooms were cleaned. The bathrooms were combined with the showers and toilets which was a little uncomfortable for me but, they did have smaller separate ladies and gentleman areas if they weren’t already being used. The breakfast was good and reasonably priced. You can’t pay with a card so make sure you have change/cash. This Hostel also had a ton of free activities every night. I went to the Pubs and learned how to dance which was super fun and the night before they had free Ghost Tours around Edinburgh. The only problem was the hike from the bus stop to the Hostel but, other than that, it was a great time and would go back again.