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It goes without saying that most people enjoy a good cup of jo. Whether it’s to get through the nine to five grind, socializing with friends, or to finish off that Netflix series that was released 5 hours ago; we can all get around a good cup of coffee. SoRead More
torridon hills
When we think of Scotland – our minds tend to rush straight to classic images of those red -beards of loud men, assorted tartans, somewhat hormonal weather, bag-pipes and even the adorable ‘Hairy Coos’… BUT There’s more- there always is, more than even spectacular buildings! As recently inspired by Scotland’sRead More
Balmoral Hotel
Welcome back to the Harry Potter and Edinburgh fun for PART TWO! In case you missed PART ONE, here’s a link to catch you up- CLICK HERE. Wands at the ready? Read on… Here’s Your Harry Potter Check List for Edinburgh: 1. George Heriot’s School (Address: Lauriston Place, Edinburgh EH3 9EQ)–Read More
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I’d like to introduce you to the Stella’ Tim Blott. Tim: Some days he’s that Typical Scot’, some days he’s a Tour Guide and some days he’s an every-day comedian. Tim is a Veteran with the MacBackpackers Tours company, clocking up’ 20years. Tim first and fore-mostly is a very likeableRead More
Elephant House Cafe
Calling all HARDCORE Harry Potter fans! There’s a Harry Potter ‘Prequel’ you may have not know about yet… so I am inviting you to join me in turning our ‘Time-turners’ back and to whisk ourselves to the Old Town cobble streets of Scotland’s Capital: Edinburgh. The year is 1994, becauseRead More