Feeling Adventurous? A New Exciting Way To Explore Edinburgh!

Just Eat Cycles renting bike edinburgh
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For travelers who are limited on time, or alternatively those wanting additional ways to fill in their time during their Edinburgh stay.  Edinburgh recently has installed a rent-a-bike scheme, providing fantastic transport options for travel within the city. A bike affords freedom, personalizing your trip and of course making our planet happy.

For travelers already familiar and experienced with bike rentals and for those who have never tried or thought about it ; below we break down all the information to get you started for Edinburgh.

Just Eat Cycles by Sasha Alexander renting bike edinburgh
Image by Sasha Alexander

Just Eat Cycles

Just Eat Cycles is Edinburgh’s answer to your bike prayers. Scour the city for a bike station, download the App and buy a pass. Release the bike and you’re ready to explore the city! 


A single trip of an hour will cost you just £1.50 or you can have some flexibility and buy a £3 pass which gives you as many one hour trips as you want for 24 hours. But will one hour be enough? The simple answer is yes. The city centre is extremely compact and Edinburgh has a labyrinth of bike trails crisscrossing the city. So, although an hour doesn’t seem like a lot of time, bike hire is ideal for a quick ride to some of the further out places in Edinburgh such as Leith and Portobello. Simply plan your trip with Google maps and the Just Eat Cycles App to make your your trips are under an hour or check out our blog post on some great routes through Edinburgh.

Just Eat Cycles Locations renting bike edinburgh
Image: Just Eat Cycles Bike Station Live Feed Visual


Locations for bike hires/rental stations are strategically well dispersed throughout Edinburgh city centre and its surrounds. Locating the closest bike station is easiest through the Just Eat Cycles App or if you are planning out your trip in advance the Just Eat Cycles website provides a live feed that shows exactly how many bike are available at any given point and time.

Important side note, not all bike stations will be the same. Meaning some will have a physical station with docking bike points, while others will be virtual stations indicated by markings on the ground.

For our savvy travellers, the closest and best are located just near our very own Castle Rock Hostel. Located at the corner of Castle Terrace and Lady Lawson street, this bike station offers a guarantee for a bike and easier access to comfortably ride out of the city centre towards places like the Meadows and Holyrood Park. Closer to our other two hostels, High Street Hostel and Royal Mile Backpackers, the next closest bike station is located on the Royal Mile, which is ideal to access especially after doing a free walking tour (Sandeman’s tour actually stops at this rental point when covering the history of the Chambers Building). One could easily get a bike there, and proceed out of the Royal Mile towards St. Andrew Square and down towards Dean Village through Stockbridge. On the way back, instead of riding back to the Royal Mile, dropping a bike on Prince’s Street can leave room to explore the Prince’s Street Gardens. Or if one is very adventurous, they can ride all the way to one of Edinburgh’s most favoured places, not only by the locals but travels alike; Portobello beach. If one way bike journey produces enough excitement or if Scotland’s weather delivers a surprise, a bus journey back to the city centre will easily assure a comfortable ride back.

For a full list of some great routes, check out our other blog post where we explored Edinburgh’s great cycle routes all over the city.

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When can you use them?

The most useful part of this bike hire is that bikes are accessible 24 hours a day! For travellers, flexibility and availability are essential and this means that if someone arrives late or early in Edinburgh, they have the opportunity to be able to hire these bikes.

Overall, using the bikes is very easy. They are clearly branded by Just Eat Cycles and have a distinguished colour scheme with visible stations that allow them to be be easily identified. Once you locate the nearest bike station, you will need to sign in into your Just Eat Cycles App and press “unlock” to see which bike is for you to use. If you are unsure what to do, steps are clearly labelled to help on the bikes. Once you’ve picked up your named bike (if you’re lucky you could ride a bike with your own name), you’re set to explore this beautiful city and get your heart pumping.

Bike rent edinburgh bike rent edinburgh
Image by Sasha Alexander
justeatcycle userguide bike rent edinburgh
Image by Sasha Alexander

Remember, you have 1 hour to use your bike, as the app times you. If you feel like you need extra time, the option is there to buy additional 30 minutes for just £1. When you are done, the bikes can be returned to any available bike stations shown by the app. When returning a bike to a station, you have to press “end my ride” button on the app. At physical stations, lock the bike by placing it back into its dock station until a green confirmation light appears and return is verified within the app. At a virtual station ( remember it will just have markings on the ground) after you press “end my ride” a front light will turn blue allowing you to securely lock the bike back in. Again, confirmation of the “end of journey” will appear within the app along with other journey details.

We wish you a pleasant journey exploring our city!

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