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Assembly Roxy

I imagine if you hear the word clown, the first image that’ll pop into your head would very likely be of the ruby nosed and garishly garbed jesters you see at the circus. But Saras Feijoo the creator of Edinburgh’s first Contemporary Clown Festival reveals that there is a lot more going on than just that, as she’s performs her gently humorous but touching piece, “Blooming Surprise”.

Her costume’s stripped down nature and her delicate observations reminded me greatly of one of my all-time favourite filmmakers Jacques Tati, who was something of a movie mime. Most of his humour is told through articulate gestures rather than vocals, and this is also very much the nature of Feijoo’s work.  I enjoyed her series of vignettes set within an airport. I have a great disdain for those plane stopovers and their limbo quality does make me rather restless, and I feel like I’m forever devising ways in which to entertain myself in these rather soulless places. And Feijoo’s piece does certainly reflect that.

True it’s very physical, but there are never any pratfalls to be had here, with the standard wacky sound effects.  And although it can be quite naughty at times, Feijoo does imbue her clown with a mixture of childlike glee and wee bit of melancholy, but it never enough to get morose. You can see this is a very personal piece about finding where one’s place is in the world. She creates an interactive energy with whatever few props she has together and you do get sucked into her little realm. I was particularly fond of the way she imbued life into one of her suitcases to become a rascally companion for herself. All in all, it’s a rather graceful, quirky and moving piece of art. And I’ll certainly be keeping my eye open for another Feijoo performance in the future.

Markus Helbig.

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