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Those artists of aerialism, Paper Doll Militia are back! I’ve heard many things about them, I’ve interviewed them and even performed just after them, but this is my first time ever seeing any of their shows! And although this act is one of the most inventive pieces I’ve ever seen it does seem to have lost a bit of something along the way.

Their current show involves fertility, and is a feast for the eyes full of striking imagery and is very much a personal story from Sarah Bebe Holmes. As she lays herself bare to us (Quite literally!) about her experience of being an egg donor for her dear friend Carol. They have a deep bond, and this show very much covers about what it means to be family. Even if you’re not related.

I liked Holmes enthusiasm here, particularly whenever she was expressing her younger self. When she first gets the call from Carol about being a donor she swinging out of and twirling around on rubber tubes to much abandon. There’s also plenty of gentle little cues to represent things too. As Holmes plays both characters, they are represented by their shoes. Young sarah having big brash boots, and Carol shoes being a bit more prim and proper. It’s such a little thing but it’s truly effective.

And as Sarah, is conversing with Carol over the phone, Carol’s buzzing voice is ablely represented by Balazs Hermann’s tunes that he emanates from his cello. Like a more elegant version, of those funny phone conversations you’d see in the old cartoons.

So, although there is an awful lot to like here, and you can see that Holmes has truly put her heart and soul into this piece, at times when it’s less visual and relies on medical filled monologues it can take the viewer out of the moment, be it powerful or whimsical.

But overall, it definitely a piece worth watching.

Markus Helbig.


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