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Staff member: Ryan B. Also responds to White Chocolate, velvet spice, vanilla chai.

From: South Australia, Tantanoola best known for big spiders and nothing else.

Time in Edinburgh: Almost a year, or about 136 strawpedos.

Likes: Long walks on the beach and three day health kicks

Dislikes: Short walks on the beach, four day health kicks

Quotes: “Oi Shut up”, “*excreets air out of nose loudly*”

Drink of Choice: Mojito extra lime, Schmirnoff Ice with a straw and drunk in one go on one knee.

What are you known for at the hostel?
In the AM: 7am-3pm shifts. In the PM: coming home at 4am the night before them

Secret talent: Can solve a rubiks cube in 90 seconds

Biggest fear: FOMO

Spotify Playlist of choice:

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