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It goes without saying that most people enjoy a good cup of jo. Whether it’s to get through the nine to five grind, socializing with friends, or to finish off that Netflix series that was released 5 hours ago; we can all get around a good cup of coffee. So why should this change when we leave our comfort zone and explore the most beautiful cities in the world (*cough* Edinburgh *cough*)? So we thought we would give you our favourite coffee spots in Scotland’s Capital.

Black Medicine Cafe Edinburgh
CAPTION: Black Medicine Cafe Edinburgh

1. Black Medicine

Located near Nicholson Square and underneath Spoon Cafe, – the real birthplace of Harry Potter (find out more in our Harry Potter Blog), Black Medicine is a great place to work, catch up with friends, or just get some alone time. As soon as you walk through the front doors, the timber work used for the tables and chairs looks like something out of Ron Swanson’s garage. This aesthetic really helps to encapsulate the warm fuzzy feeling you want in a cafe. The coffee itself is reasonably priced from £2 to £2.90, and is complimented with a ginger cookie(I personally go for the cookie). The Baristas are inviting and chatty, and the atmosphere is one that makes you enjoy the coffee that much more.

Lovecrumbs Cafe Edinburgh
CAPTION: Lovecrumbs Edinburgh. Photo Credit Edinburgh Spotlight.

2. Lovecrumbs

Lovecrumbs has to be one of the easiest cafes to find, as you simply have to follow your nose. What started as a makeshift kitchen in a Leith garage back in 2011, it didn’t take long to transition in to a well deserved cafe in Edinburgh’s Old Town. By 2012 Lovecrumbs was opened, and hasn’t slowed down. Offering an array of different speciality cakes from Plum Frangipane Tarts to Orange Polenta cakes, this is the place for any sweet tooth loving fan. The store itself is quite cozy, but it boasts a rustic atmosphere.

Checkpoint Cafe Edinburgh
CAPTION: Checkpoint Cafe Edinburgh. Photo Credit Edinburgh Coffee Lovers

3. Checkpoint

Located just down the road from our very own Castle Rock Hostel, Checkpoint is a popup cafe from the 2016 Fringe that never shut down… If that’s not an endorsement and a half for why this place is a must, then I don’t know what is. Unlike most cafes, Checkpoint is quite big but maintains a spacious floorspace. To put this into perspective, they have a shipping container in the cafe that occupies less than a quarter of the room. The food itself is what I love about this place – halloumi fries, butter fried greens, even a vegan avocado and lime cheesecake which is amazing(and I don’t do vegan)! If you’d like to go one step further than a cup of coffee, they make an amazing Espresso Martini(good way to start the weekend)!

Brew Lab Cafe Edinburgh
CAPTION: Brew Lab Cafe Edinburgh. Photo Credit Brew Lab

4. Brewlab

Just down the road from the Edinburgh University it’s no surprise that this place is perfect for getting your work done or socialzing with friends. Their coffee menu offers four rotating single-origin coffees: two brewed on their brew bar as pour-overs, and two on their espresso bar. If you’re looking for something sweet or savoury to go with your coffee, they offer cakes, tray-bakes, doughnuts and pastries from some of Edinburgh’s top bakeries. Personally I would come here to catch up with a friend, as it is a good place to unwind with a coffee for an hour or so.

Caffeine Drip Cafe Edinburgh
CAPTION: Caffeine Drip Cafe Edinburgh

5. Caffeine Drip

It might be a bit of a walk from our Edinburgh Hostels, but the build up of appetite will be well worth it for this coffee house, eatery, deli and bakery that’s been rolled into one. Caffeine Drip takes your usual cafe food and coffee and adds their own South African twist. The best thing about this place is that they are welcoming with switching up their menu to your liking. My personal choice is the Piggy Club, a three tierd toasted sandwich of pulled pork, chedder, grilled peppers, and mustard mayo! And if you’re not in the mood for coffee than their CYO(create your own) milkshakes are a must have.

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